by Love Underwater

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released August 30, 2016

Leila Bishop - harp, vocals
Kai Kiernan - bass
Victoria Romano - guitar, fiddle
Lex Douras - drums
Marc Stasio - producer
Nick Taricani - sound engineer

Album art by Rebecca Sheley.



all rights reserved


Love Underwater Santa Clarita, California

Antifolk with a harp. Need we say more?

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Track Name: Love, Ire, And Spite
Where do we go from here? You used to treat me like a friend but I didn't go home last night and I woke up to our clothes next to your bed. It's not that I regret it- I don't think I could regret any time with you- but if this isn't friendship, what the hell are we gonna do?

I wanted to call you, I wanted to ask what's going on, but I'm scared of the consequence of not leaving well enough alone. Did you even mean it or were you just drunk on a lonely night? I know better than anyone that the words you say aren't always so contrite.

If I'm honest then you're right, there's nothing left to say, but I can't be silent as you're walking away. I'm screaming for you the only way I know how- by making it poetic and writing it down. Love's the other side of our mistakes and our flaws so it's painful and it's angry and it's broken and raw. If you leave me like this, I swear on last night, like a desperate fury, I will haunt you.
Track Name: Quicksilver
Quicksilver and I'm off again. Don't stop me from playing pretend. In the event reality slips away-

I'll take your breath if you take mine. After this hit I'll be alright. Quicksilver's slithering inside my memories of this.

After you turn you fade into quicksilver's single line of view. You're fading to static and my hands won't seem to move.

Bury me in Cherry Run and leave my words unsaid. Every beginning must come to an end.

I would rather quicksilver than slow gold.
Track Name: Linoleum
Do you ever really try to find the words? To give a name to the thing that's wrong? Or do you sink in it and let yourself go numb? It's harder to fight something you don't know, something you barely understand. You can't grab hold of fog and cast it out.

You spend your nights now dreaming of escape, of revelation on a Greyhound bus to take you to your saving grace. The best of cowards comes to understand you can fight but not forget. It's a part of you even when you haven't felt it yet.

Splatter of red on a linoleum floor- if it means anything you don't care anymore. You can't even remember what you're fighting for but the growing stain says you've gotta get up again.
Track Name: From Your Front Porch With Love
It was almost two when I stopped checking the phone. You're the only one who makes me feel less alone. I reread the note you left when you disappeared and left me here. I know you don't love me and I don't think you can so how many times can I go show up on a whim to make sure your eyes still have some fire left in them?

Taped to my mirror is a polaroid. You're looking at me through the hair in your eyes with this little smile like you know something that I don't. The color's fading and the corners are creased- there's a little worn spot on the ink underneath where I ran my fingertips over both of our names.

And I know I expect too much. Do you mind if I let myself in? But I dare you to try this one before you give it all up. I'm not leaving 'till you answer the door.